Israel- Goalkeeper 2017/18 Omri Glazer #23 (2018 WCQ) vs. Italy

This is an Omri Glazer match issued shirt from the match vs. Italy played on September 5th, 2017 at the Reggio Emilia. Israel lost the match 1-0 from a 53rd minute goal by Ciro Immobile. Glazer didn't play this match as the goalkeeping spot had been given to Ariel Harush. Glazer had featured in his 1st international cap for Israel during the 1-0 loss to Macedonia at home in Haifa, 3 days prior. Glazer unfortunately didn't play at his best as he made a few bad mistakes which almost cost the team more goals. This is an extremely rare shirt as it is my only goalkeeper kit from the 2018 World Cup Qualifier campaign. It was originally a long sleeve shirt which was cut to short sleeves at Glazer's request. This is my 6th shirt from this match as I have 4 other Israel shirts and 1 Italian shirt. Like the other Israel shirts that I have from this match, this shirt also features the match details on a sticker as the shirt had been prepared for the Macedonia match.

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This shirt was originally prepared for the match vs Macedonia before being changed for the match vs Italy
Omri Glazer Vs. Macedonia 1
Omri Glazer Vs. Macedonia 2
Omri Glazer Vs. Macedonia 3
Omri Glazer Vs. Macedonia 4